Review: The X-Files: Cold Cases (Audible Performance)

First, the bad (because that’s how I roll)… I went into this with very high expectations. Probably a little too high. I’ve been a fan of the series since the very first episode, so I know how amazing things can be in Chris Carter’s universe when it’s firing on all eight spooky cylinders. This book doesn’t even come close. The quirky humor that set the show apart from so many others is largely absent from “Cold Cases,” and David Duchovny spends most of his performance just sounding bored. Also, the stories themselves are a bit thin – probably because they’re based on the Season 10 comics by Joe Harris, and not much effort seems to have gone into fleshing them out for adaptation.

Now, the good part… If you get a periodic jones for new “X-Files,” this will scratch the itch. All of the supporting actors give great performances, and when the Gunmen start bickering among themselves, it’s almost like no time at all has passed since the series’s heyday. It’s even enough make one wonder if drawstring pants will come back in style. (And if you get that reference, this book is definitely for you!)


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