Chaos Walking Series – Patrick Ness

This whole review started with a bet between Robin and I.  Could I finish the whole Chaos Walking trilogy in one week?  The answer – yes (hah!).  But, the only reason I was able to finish was because this series was so good, I really didn’t want to put it down.

A brief summary of all three books, with as few spoilers as I could manage, so these are pretty watered down.


Book one, The Knife of Never Letting Go opens on the New World.  In a small town called Prentisstown.  A town that Todd thinks is the last town in the world.  A town with no women, no girls, and no children younger than him, just one month away from the birthday that will make him a man.  Todd was the last boy born in Prentisstown, and everyone knows that the noise killed all the women and girls.  The same noise that allows Todd to hear every thought that every other man has, and every animal.  Nobody knows why it happened, but Todd has never known silence.  Until a month before his thirteenth birthday.  He meets someone who changes his life.  Someone who’s existence sends them running from Todd’s home.  Searching for safety, and learning that the New World is nothing like Todd was told.  And that there is no innocent man in Prentisstown.


Book two, The Ask and The Answer finds Todd and his companion Viola in Haven.  Or, a city that used to be Haven.  Now Haven has become New Prentisstown, being run by the Mayor, the man that has chased Todd and Viola across New World.  The Haven Todd and Viola have been searching for doesn’t exist.  But there’s a group calling themselves The Answer, raging war on the Mayor.  Refusing to allow him to destroy the last city on New World.  As war rages across New Prentisstown, everyone has to pick a side.  What will Viola and Todd do when they inadvertently find themselves on different sides?  Will they be able to end the war and save everyone in New Prentisstown, save each other?


In the final book, Monsters of Men there is still a war waging between the Mayor and The Answer.  Then the native species to New World, the spackle, joins the war.  And this begins the war to end all wars, the war for the planet.  Todd and Viola have to find a way to work together to end this war, and hopefully find peace with the Spackle.  Peace that can hopefully continue for generations.


These books throw you into an ever-changing world, with new challenges around every character.  I kept finding myself rooting for Todd and Viola on their travels across New World.  And I love an author that can keep me guessing, and Patrick Ness manages to keep you guessing for three books straight.


I recommend this book for anyone looking for an adventure, with a hint of romance.  There’s plenty of action to keep your attention too, if that’s your thing.  Definitely a good read – kind of wish I hadn’t plowed through them in a week, I wish there were more.



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  1. Superb post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.


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