MY AMERICAN NIGHTMARE: Women in Horror Anthology

GD Book Site got an early release of MY AMERICAN NIGHTMARE from Azzurra Nox, just so we could review it for you guys and let you know if you wanted to pick it up this Halloween when it becomes available.

But first – there are a couple points I wanted to get out there.  This anthology consists only of female writers for the horror genre, and every story is told from a teenage female’s point of view.  I think that’s pretty important to get out there from the start.  If you’re expecting a terrifying, sleep-with-the-lights-on-for-a-week kind of thing, you’ve come to the wrong book.  This book was written by women, and it appears predominantly for women.  Or rather, for teens hoping to dip a toe in the horror genre.  And for that, I think this is perfect.

Some of these stories felt like different versions of horror stories I’d heard around the campfire when I was younger.  Others were completely original, but still didn’t really terrify me.  They were definitely spooky, don’t get me wrong.  But they didn’t have me hiding under the covers every time my dog barked in the middle of the night.

Now that I’ve gotten everyone expecting to be horrified out of here, let’s move on with the rest of the review.  Every story was so well-written, that I really wished Nox hadn’t limited them to an 8,000 word count.  I mean, I know why that was necessary, some of these stories felt like they could have gone on for ages.  But could we maybe get a follow-up on some of these?  I genuinely want to know what happens to Abigail in the short story Perle by Erica Ruhe.  If that becomes a full-length story, I’d read it.

And I like to think that’s what Nox was going for when she came up with this idea.  Here are a slew of girls who have these great ideas and writing styles, and we probably never would have heard of them if it weren’t for her.  And that alone is really worth everyone picking up this book on Halloween.  Support everyone involved with this project, I really think they did a great thing.

Maybe you have a daughter, or niece, or favorite cousin who’s interested in writing?  Download this book, and send it to her.  Or maybe you’re just looking for something kind of spooky and fun to read to your kids this Halloween.  Download the book and curl up around the iPad when you’re done trick or treating.

Either way, download the book, I really can’t see any way you’d regret it.  Unless you’re looking for something terrifying.  In which case, check out our Six Weeks of Halloween series going on now.

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