Six Weeks of Halloween: Day Twenty-Two Review: Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes

We recently read Broken Monsters, the fourth novel by Lauren Beukes, as part of our Six Weeks of Halloween celebration. I chose this book for our little group activity because I’d read some of the author’s previous work and found her writing style to be absorbing and vivid…and I thought it might be nice to include something scary without a paranormal element for those who don’t go in for monster stories. Just kidding, that’s not at all what happens in this book.

Broken Monsters begins as a straight thriller and manages to continue the masquerade well throughout the first half of the story. Then suddenly it makes good on all the subtle hints and half-glimpsed shapes, morphing into something genre-bending and altogether different. Having read The Shining Girls and familiar with the author’s fondness for blending serial killers with the supernatural, I didn’t find it terribly surprising when that was also the case here. However, I couldn’t help but that think that readers unfamiliar with her previous work might feel as though they’d been misled into reading a different kind of story than the one they had expected.

All of which is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the book. The main characters are people of color and, despite a few missteps with the vernacular (using “roundabout” instead of “merry-go-round,” “dogsbody” instead of “handyman,” “CVs” instead of “résumés”), well-written and refreshing. Through them and the other characters who inhabit the book, Ms. Beukes subtly – and sometimes not so subtly – explores a myriad of fractures in modern society. The story itself is dark, fast-paced, morbidly compelling…and did I mention dark? Seriously, this is not one for the squeamish or anyone who is bothered by the thought of postmortem mutilation because there’s a whole lot of that going on here. If, on the other hand, you’re like me and a little bit of a weirdo, laugh at slasher movies, and give fictional serial killers performing postmortem mutilation a big “thumbs up” then hey, there’s a whole lot of that going on here!





three and a half





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