Six Weeks of Halloween: Day Twenty-Five

This week we’re reading Greg Kihn’s Horror Show, a finalist for the 1997 Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel. Thanks for joining us, and don’t forget to enter to win our Six Weeks of Halloween gift pack. Just comment “Trick or Treat” on this or any other Six Weeks of Halloween post!

(From the publisher’s summary…)

Horror Show

When Monster Magazine reporter Clint Stockburn sets out to interview the legendary fifties horror movie director Landis Woodsley, he finds a reclusive, forgotten, and bitter old man. Worming his way through the door of the Scotch-drinking, cigar-smoking filmmaker’s home, Stockburn finds a treasure trove of B-Movie memorabilia. Playing to the movie genius’s ego, Stockburn does his best to dig up a few good anecdotes from the past – but what he uncovers is a story of real-life horror!

Flashback to 1957 Hollywood, where Landis Woodsley is getting ready to shoot his latest movie, Cadaver, set in a real-life L.A. morgue. He is also bent on throwing the ultimate Halloween party. Attendees will include Lucifer-obsessed anthropologist Albert Beaumond and Devila, the celebrated TV horror-show hostess. Even Satan himself may put in an appearance. And when cheap special effects are replaced by real corpses, a deadly curse may wind up taking its toll on all those foolish enough to become involved with the filming of the cult movie classic, Cadaver.

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