Six Weeks of Halloween: [Review] Flowertown – SG Redling

Length: 378 pages

Original Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication Date: June 2012

Availability: ebook, paperback, audiobook

four stars

Confession: I really had no idea what to expect when I chose SG Redling’s Flowertown as the last book to read in our Six Weeks of Halloween series. The vague synopsis I read at the time didn’t tell much about it, but it sounded like something I might like and – best of all – the Kindle version was on sale cheap. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a deep and abiding commitment to squeezing every last penny out of my limited discretionary funds, so I took a chance, crossed my figurative fingers, and added the book to our list.

Ellie Cauley is an angry, apathetic pothead with questionable personal hygiene. She’s also a survivor of a poisonous chemical spill that occurred when a semi rolled over on a nearby Iowa freeway. Seven years after the spill, Ellie and the others who survived exposure to the pesticide still release the sweet-smelling chemical through their bodily fluids, causing them to smell like flowers when they perspire. Even worse, those same bodily fluids pose a contagion danger, so the spill’s survivors have been rounded up and forced to live in a containment zone – aka Flowertown. After seven years of living as virtual prisoners, taking forced medical treatments, rationing irregular supply shipments, and being increasingly cut off from the rest of the world, a secret band of Flowertown citizens is ready to take a stand. But Ellie isn’t one of them – or is she? Her best friend Bing is more the rebellious type, isn’t he? And Feno Chemical, the company responsible for spill, is constantly shoving all those pills down their throats in an attempt to make them better, right?

This dystopian tale of science and conspiracy run amok was really entertaining, full of unexpected twists yet grounded in just enough science to be disturbing without alienating casual readers. I also particularly enjoyed the main character and how the author didn’t shy away from creating a female antihero unlikable enough to live up to the label. Flowertown‘s Ellie Cauley fills that bill and then some. I recommend this book for sci-fi thriller aficionados and fans of flawed but badass females everywhere.


Thank you for joining along in our little spookathon!

We hope you had a Happy Halloween


let’s do it again next year!


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